Kaio belongs to the wave of DJ producer which combine electro music, with a pinch of Hip-Hop and a Rock music punch. Kaio's Dj'ing inspiration revealed in a Zoo York  skating video footage by seeing DJ Rock Raida performing scratch ,he was about seventeen back in the days, this is how he bought his first Technics MK2 turntables and thrown himself into the scratch and jungling fever wave of the 90's where rock and street hip hop tunes where his music major influence's is coming from.


Kaio had been DJ'ing around France and many countries in Europe and Usa by playing popular tunes and had the privilege to perform at events such as the Opening of the Strasbourg Zenith and with "Starfloor" a french dancing event at Bercy where over 17 000 people were attending at the show in collaboration with W9 TV Channel broadcast in Paris, France.


But his deejaying talent was particularly spotted in 2009 when the TV group "M6" proposed him to be the first DJ in France to broadcast his own TV show "Mix by Kaio" which they play weekly on their new channel "M6 Music Club" that is fully dedicated to clubbing music. Today "Mix by Kaio" TV show has reached over … viewers.


Kaio's finally got around to release a collection of his own productions in 2010 with "The best fuck the rest" followed in 2011 by "Sexy stereo" and "Aie Aie Aie" then "Let me know" in 2012 and "What you say" in featuring with Mod Martin recently released in March 2013.


Kaio's podcast "Music please" is counting today over 300 000 new users and became the emblem reference of clubbing in France.